At Southmere we try and bring learning to life wherever possible. Throughout the academic year, pupils are provided with many opportunities to deepen their understanding through their attendance on school visits. Pupils are also invited to attend various school workshops which are led by external facilitators. These visits and workshops provide our pupils with unique opportunities to engage with people, places and buildings in new ways. School visits are a great way for children to embed and remember their learning as well as helping them draw upon prior knowledge to access these new experiences .

Kingswood-Year 6 Residential

Our Year 6 residential takes place at Kingswood, which is an outdoor learning experience that takes place over 3 days. We know that successful outdoor residential experiences provide challenge, build confidence, promote independence, forge life-long friendships and also increase student engagement and attainment back at school. This experience takes place in the Summer Term of Year 6 and prepares children for the challenge ahead of them at high school

Visit the website below to find out more information about Kingswood.