FREE to all children in KS1 (Reception, Years 1 and 2)

The price to Nursery and KS2 children (Nursery, Years 3, 4, 5 and 6) is £2.00 per day

Please note that menus are subject to change

Please note meat is Halal

Holiday Hunger Programme 19th December 2020-3rd January 2021

Please find below information for families to support them during the school Christmas Holidays.

What is happening?

The government has provided a Winter Grant to Bradford Council.  They have allocated some of this funding as grants to the Voluntary Sector to provide food for children and families experiencing food deprivation.  This will ensure enhanced food provision for the Christmas and February Holiday periods

How will these voluntary sector organisations support families?

There are 55 voluntary sector organisations that will be providing support over the holidays. Many of whom provided holiday hunger support during the summer holiday and October half term.

Where can families find support?

Bradford Council have provided a list of the voluntary sector organisations that are participating in the holiday hunger programme, including contact details for your reference.  Parents can contact the organisations directly if required. Please click on the document below to find information about these organisations. 

Families can also receive support from:

When is this happening?

The December Holiday Hunger Programme runs from 19th December 2020 to 3rd Jan 2021

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