Academy Council

The Academy Council are democratically elected by their class members. Each child who would like to be a member of the council presents a manifesto that tells the class why they would like to be an Academy Councillor and the rest of the class then vote for the children that they would like to represent them on the council.

The children who are selected to be on the Academy Council attend an interview with the Head of Academy and the Academy Council Lead Teachers. One child is then selected from each class to be the Academy Councillor and the others are selcted to be Class Buddies, who support the school rules and wellbeing of children in the academy.

There is a Head Girl and a Head Boy selected from the nominations in the Year 6 classes. The Head Girl and Head Boy represent the academy to the local and wider community.

The Academy Council meet fortnightly to discuss current objectives and plan new ventures. The also meet with members of the community, including local PCSO’s and Neighbourhood Wardens. After the meetings the Academy Council feedback to their peers in class to inform them of their objectives for the next few weeks.

Academy Council Members 2020-2021

Head GirlGeorgiamae
Head BoyAwais
Year 1 Academy CouncillorsMasooma and Ismail
Year 1 BuddiesScarlett-Rose, Yahya, Mya, Ayden, Amadou, Zayn
Year 2 Academy CouncillorsDaniellius and Lawin
Year 2 BuddiesMufliha, Ameera, Jayden, Melanie, Inaaya
Year 3 Academy CouncillorsAayan and Anya
Year 3 BuddiesKaelan, Ruby, Vanessa, Taiwo, Jaan
Year 4 Academy CouncillorsLaiba and Amaya-Rae
Year 4 BuddiesLucy-Ann, Maliha, Aissata, Leah, Azaan, Eshaal
Year 5 Academy CouncillorsRhys and Anya
Year 5 BuddiesTanisha, Abdullah, Uswa, Khoula, Safa, Preston
Year 6 Academy CouncillorsAbdul Moiz and Gracie
Year 6 BuddiesDeen, Mehreen, Haleema, Mahek

Academy Council Projects

Pen Pal Project with Brackenhall Court

This year the Academy Council have begun a Pen Pal project with a local partner school and are also sending letters to residents of the local residential care home, Brackenhall Court. Our children wrote letters about their usual day at school so these can be read by the residents. the residents will then be replying to the children’s letters.

Brackenhall Tyre Project

The members of the Academy Council will be working with residents of Brackenhall residential home to create tyre planters for their gardens.

Litter Picking Project

This half term the children of the Academy Council will be working with local PSCO’s and Council Environment Officers, to clean up our local area and raise awareness of the environmental consequences of litter.